This is a list of useful external tools


  • FileToVox: converts various file formats to .vox files

  • FileToVox LazyGUI: minimal GUI for FileToVox

  • VoxMerger: merges multiple .vox scenes

  • IsoVoxel: generates isometric pixel art from .vox files

  • vox2png: converts .vox file into layered sprites and writes them to a .png file

  • Voxcom: a voxel compositor for .vox models

  • OpenGameTools: a set of lightweight tools for game development, including a .vox scene reader


  • VoxToVFX: imports a MagicaVoxel project to Unity3D using the VFX Graph

  • MagicaGN00T: .vox file importer for Unity3D

  • MagicaVoxelUnitySplitter: takes MagicaVoxel exported .obj meshes and splits them into separate meshes based on their voxel color

  • CsharpVoxReader: a generic C# reader for the .vox file format

  • [Deprecated] MagicaVoxelUnity: Unity3D plugin for .vox file format

AssetStore Plugins

Unreal Engine

  • VOX4U: .vox format import plugin for Unreal Engine 4




  • JVox: A MagicaVoxel model parser written in Java

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