Editor Resources

Editor Actions

Remove Brain System

This action will clean up a gameobject from all AIBrain, AIDecision and AIActions components.

How to Use

  • Right click a GameObject in the Hierarchy window

  • Select The Bit Cave > Remove Brain System

Graph Utilities

Node Collapsing

To make the graph (or subgraph) more readable, you can enable node collapsing for AI Action and AI Decision nodes. When enabled, this feature will show only the Label field and the output connection.

When a node is selected, it will automatically expand to show all available properties.

How to Use

  • Right click on a free spot in the graph/subgraph canvas

  • Select Enable Node Collapsing/Disable Node Collapsing

xNode Preferences

The AIBrain Graph system is based on xNode, an open-source project by Thor Brigsted: some of the settings can be configured through the Preferences panel (In the Preferences panel, select Node Editor).

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