In this page you will find listed all the features of the package: all of them are tools for MoreMountains AIBrain system.

1. AIBrain Graph

The AI Brain Graph system lets you create AIBrains systems by using a node system.

The AIBrain Graph is based on xNode, an opensource project by Thor Brigsted.

The graph includes the following features;

  • A visual editing canvas with nodes for all the official AIDecisions and AIActions of Corgi and TopDown Engines

  • A subgraph system for better reorganization and reusability

  • An AI Brain Generator component, for quick creation of brain system starting from a brain graph

  • An AI Pluggable Brain component for runtime generation of AI systems

2. AIBrain Debugger

The AIBrain Debugger system will let you peek into some of the AIBrain inner workings and test states at runtime.

The debugger includes the following features:

  • An AIBrainDebuggable component, that is an extension of the regular AIBrain component

  • An AIBrain Debugger window to check what's going on at runtime including:

    • Force transitions during gameplay

    • Force the brain Target during gameplay

    • Track current/previous brain state tracking

3. Master/Slave Brains

The Master/Brain system will let you control an AIBrain (or a group of AIBrains) from another point in your game, usually from another AIBrain.

The Master/Brain system includes the following features:

  • A channel system to send brain commands through the MMEventManager

  • A Master component to send state change commands through a channel

  • A Slave component to receive state change commands from one or more channels

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